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Information on the village of Smailholm, near Kelso in Scotland.

Smailholm Parish Church

Smailholm Church with its associated graveyard stands at the highest point of Smailholm Village. The present church probably stands on the site of the original Norman church.
The nave is at the west end of the church with a smaller and narrower chancel. The north aisle contains the vestry and is probably from aboyt 1820.
The birdcage belfry contains a Burgherhuys bell dated 1647.
The laird's loft, the Haddington loft, is entered by an outside staircase.
There is a sundial on the south-west corner of the church which dates from 1622.
Inside, the roof is vaulted and boarded and the laird's loft comprises one pew and half a dozen chairs.
The stained glass windows, from 1907, are at the east end and in memory of Sir Walter Scott.

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