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Information on the village of Smailholm, near Kelso in Scotland.

Smailholm Organisations

Smailholm Village Hall Committee

Smailholm Village Hall In 1920, a wooden village hall was gifted by the Earl of Haddington. This was used until 1970, when the village school closed, and the substantial Victorian building which it occupied became the Village Hall. By 1990, it was clear that the sort of work required to bring the hall up to modern standards, and to make it fit to host the range of activities which the villa ... [more]


Floors, Makerstoun, Nenthorn and Smailholm Community Council

Floors, Makerstoun, Nenthorn and Smailholm Community Council Contact Jill Freshwater, Floors North Lodge, Kelso. Email Membership J Shanks Chairman I Malcolm (Vice Chairman), J Freshwater (Secretary), A Easson (Treasurer), J Duncan (Minutes Secretary), C Hurran, Lord Biddulph, K Douglas M Laidlaw Lady Biddulph. ... [more]


Kelso Country Churches Contacts

USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS Minister, Rev. Jenny Earl (01573 470607) e-mail: Session Clerk, James Smith (01573 470250) e-mail: Treasurer, Liz Orr, ( 01573 450212) e-mail: Roll Keeper, Jean Palmer, (for change of address)( 01573 225085) Magazine Editor, Sophia Duncan (01573 225532) e-mail: s ... [more]


University of the Third Age - 4 Border Abbeys Group

All those interested persons in the Smailholm area will be most welcome to join us at the Abbey Row Centre, Kelso. Further details at: U3A 4 Border Abbeys Group ... [more]


Smailholm Community Council.

Smailholm is part of Floors, Makerstoun, Nenthorn and Smailholm Community Council. Our local councillor is Ian Malcolm, who can be contacted by email ... [more]


Smailholm Women's Reading Group

The Book Club is very informal and meets in the village hall at 8pm on the first Wednesday of the month, usually with wine, tea, coffee and light refreshments. Come and join us to catch up with what's going on in Smailholm - even if you haven't read the book! For more information on the current reading list, visit the Smailholm Village website or telephone Jane Roberts on 01573 460254. ... [more]


Last Update: 11/02/2015

Smailholm Organisations